Based in Ticino “Terra di Ciclismo”, Switzerland, ASSOS SA was founded in 1976 with the creation of the first-ever Lycra® cycling shorts. Enabling you to enjoy your ride in total comfort and well protected is what makes the ASSOS difference. Their prime objective is to maximize total comfort when in the saddle. Your ride, your time is what really counts to them.

Castelli traces its roots back to 1876 and a fine tailor, Vittore Gianni, in the heart of Milan. After a brief but promising cycling career, Maurizio Castelli created his eponymous brand in 1974 and a series of firsts would follow: the first Lycra shorts used in racing and sold to the public, the first colored shorts, the first sublimation printed jerseys, the first synthetic winter clothing, the first use of windproof membranes, the first hydrophilic fabric treatments, the first anatomic seatpad, the lightest jersey ever produced, and the most aerodynamic jersey ever produced. Today, Castelli is dedicated to continuing Maurizio’s dream: to create the most innovative clothing for the cyclist seeking maximum performance.

We invent, design, and produce best in class products for high aerobic activities. Our products enable athletes to perform at their best and help them achieve their individual goals – no matter who they are and no matter what the weather throws at them.


Further expanding upon its comprehensive footwear offering, Shimano has unveiled all-new 2017 performance cycling models for mountain, road and triathlon disciplines. The result of over 25 years experience designing and engineering cycling footwear, each model is purpose-built—from outsole to upper—for optimal performance in its element. Built upon the Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) platform, Shimano footwear and pedals are engineered together as a complete system, optimizing bio-mechanics, engineering excellence, material selection, and craftsmanship to increase rider efficiency and comfort. Shimano collaborated with trusted names in footwear technology for its 2017 footwear lines. A collaboration was struck up with Michelin for technical outsoles in mountain bike footwear whilea collaboration with Boa led to the implementation of its closure systems to enhance the fit and accessibility in performance road and mountain bike footwear.

Sidi shoes have been coveted by professional and amateur cyclists for decades, and their reputation is no accident. The story begins in 1960, when an Italian shoemaker named Dino Signori began building boots for mountaineering and skiing. It was only a matter of time before Dino, who had been a successful junior bike racer, experimented with cycling footwear. 1970 marked the arrival of the first Sidi cycling shoes and motorcycle boots, but it was three years later, with the launch of the Titanium shoe, that Signori changed cycling forever. His contribution? An adjustable cleat-mounting system that signaled the end of nail-mounted cleats, and ushered in the era of modern cycling shoes. In the following years, a string of innovations followed that ingrained the Sidi brand into the minds of serious cyclists the world over. Today, advancements in materials make shoes like the Dragon mountain bike shoe and the Wire road shoe a fixture among racers seeking a competitive advantage, including many who are paid to use other equipment. Of course, the same impeccable fit and hand-crafted finish find their way into modern classics like the Dominator mountain bike shoe, and the Five road bike shoe. And then there’s the legendary durability; it’s not uncommon to see people riding Sidis that have over a decade of hard use. All these factors help to explain why so many cyclists, both pro and amateur, consider their Sidis their favorite piece of cycling equipment.

Fizik: Born in 1996 as a brand made for high performance fi’zi:k was designed in the USA, and handmade in Italy by the world’s largest saddle manufacturer, Selle Royal. Fi’zi:k is the phonetic spelling of the word physique, referring to the form or state of the human body.

We could say this idea was born out of a family need for better fitting and performing footwear for aggressive riding- and that would be true. But that’s not the whole story- or even if it were, we’d make up something more exciting. So, what began as a search for a solution to a minor family dilemma quickly evolved into something much, much bigger…


Since 1982 Lake has innovated new categories in the cycling shoe market. Mountain Bike Shoes were inexistent until Lake produced the first shoe designed specifically to handle the rough terrain and stiff enough to not cause foot fatigue and the same could be said for the fat bike boot that was designed a decade before the competition ever conceived that this was a category for cycling. Not many companies are focused primarily on the foot and neither are they making only footwear; however, Lake remains resolute in our focus, to make the most comfortable, best performing cycling shoe in the market.



Oakley, Inc., based in Lake Forest, California, and a subsidiary of Italian corporate giant Luxottica based in Milan, designs, develops and manufactures sports performance equipment and lifestyle pieces including sunglasses, sports visors, ski/snowboard goggles, watches, apparel, backpacks, shoes, optical frames, and other accessories. Most items are designed in house at their head office, but some countries hold exclusive designs relevant to their market. Oakley currently holds more than 600 patents for eyewear, materials, and performance gear.


KASK, based in Italy, specializes in developing, designing, and manufacturing of safety helmets of the highest quality. Born in 2004, KASK is a relatively young company, but thanks to a talented team of expert engineers and partnerships with Italy’s market-leading factories, in this short time the company has gone through a tremendous evolution marked by success all along the way. KASK’s mission is to maintain a perfect balance between technological excellence, functionality, safety, and attractive design in their products. KASK is constantly researching and looking for ways to go beyond and improve the quality of KASK helmets even further. Now among the top brands in the sports and outdoors, KASK is committed to maintaining the highest standards in safety helmet production in order to ensure the highest quality and offer the best protective helmets for the most demanding customers.

It’s always been more than just a helmet thing, or a simple bike or snow thing. It’s about the ride. Specifically, your ride. Giro exists to enhance your connection to the ride, and the feelings it brings to life. The sense of freedom and adventure. The desire to win. The joy of living well. From that first day 30 years ago when Jim Gentes opened our doors to the world, we’ve been on a mission to make sure that riding is the best part of a great life. Along the way we’ve learned a great deal, created some notable products, endured some mistakes, pushed ourselves and our competitors to go further, and made friends across continents and generations.

Cycling is almost synonymous with Flanders. The cobbled roads, tight turns and small towns the races take place on are what make it so great. It is here, in the heart of cycling and classic races, that Lazer helmets comes to life.

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