BMC SLR01 Wins Gold in Rio

| Lorraine Wright
BMC, Cycling

On the world stage of the Olympics, cycling is one of the many sports that combine athletic excellence with technologically advanced equipment. Though it is the human power that achieves victory it is also her/his bike that takes them there. So bicycle companies have good reason to lay some claim to a medal when their rider ends up on the podium. This year Greg Van Avermaet won a gold medal in the Rio Olympics road cycling event on a BMC SLR01 and needless to say there was lots of celebrating at BMC Switzerland for this historic win.

When one considers the technology and development that goes into building a great bicycle it is awe inspiring. As an evolving, many years long process that includes designers, engineers, materials experts, test riders, component vendors, and mechanics it is easy to understand a company’s exaltation at a huge win like the Olympics. It is said a new top-level bike coming to market can cost upwards of $500,000 to create and many countless hours of work. So when Van Avermaet and BMC won the gold on the SLR01 it was not only a career highpoint for Van Avermaet but also a validation and confirmation for the hardworking folks at BMC that all the effort and expense that went into creating the SLR01 was well worth it.

As an industry leader in innovation and technology, BMC Switzerland has been working for many years at the forefront of design and materials in the firm belief that they could and would create a better bike. Though a win on the Tour de France gets the press and the prestige it is not an individual effort like in the Olympics where it is simply just a rider and his bike. From all of us here at Element Cyles, congratulations to Greg and to BMC.