Trailfox AMP

Your ride…amplified

The Trailfox AMP is for big adventures. For riders who love long distances and epic rides, who do two laps at lunch rather than one, who cram in twice the descents, and explore rather than wonder what’s out there.

Its smooth power makes going up as much fun as coming down. It lets you wind around flowy trails faster than you realize, making you smile wider than you thought possible. Who even knew you could boost off a rock like that on your way up? Attack technical descents with the level of intuition that can only be instilled by riding an expertly balanced, fully capable, all-mountain bike.

With the Trailfox AMP we have developed a full-on, generation 2.0 e-mtb revolution. Its suspension system and frame design have been specifically created to maximize the e-mtb experience. It’s still a Trailfox, because it delivers the legendary ride feel of our our EWS-proven full-carbon superbike – just amplified.

Whatever epic ride you’ve kept tucked away in the back of your mind – that long trail, that killer enduro loop – amp up and go after it.



We have turned a page, and started a new chapter with the introduction of the Trailfox AMP, entering the world of e-bikes with a strong statement and setting a new benchmark in the e-MTB segment.

We set out to achieve one major objective with the creation of the Trailfox AMP: to improve on what already exists on the market by creating an e-mountain bike that surpasses rider’s expectations in terms of ride quality and looks. The Trailfox AMP’s completely revised, Trailfox-inherited geometry concept ensures that it stays true to rider’s demands for a capable, all-mountain bike, while it’s highly innovative, yet functional design concept seamlessly embraces the latest in Shimano e-technology. For an amplified all-mountain experience – the Trailfox AMP is your new go-to bike.

Tailor-made for a real Mountainbike feel
“We decided to create our first e-mountain bike when we absolutely knew that we could improve on the existing offerings,” says Stefan Christ, Head of R&D BMC Switzerland. “We narrowed the areas of opportunity, down to the ride experience and design. A great all-mountain e-mtb should meet trail rider’s needs for a capable mountain bike while leveraging the thrill and fun of extra power on the uphill. The Trailfox AMP, with its e-bike specific APS suspension, a carbon frame, and an impressive level of functional integration – complimented with Swiss design-driven looks, is a superbike – we are really proud of the outcome!”

Tailored e-MTB Geometry and APS Suspension
BMC engineers have tailored Advanced Pivot System (APS) suspension and applied it to the Trailfox AMP. The re-calculation of APS’ kinematics, pivot placement, and leverage ratios, together with an e-specific shock tune gives the Trailfox AMP a true all-mountain attitude.

Antoine Lyard, BMC MTB Product Manager, explains “Our overarching goal in the development of the Trailfox AMP has been to deliver the same legendary ride-feel of its EWS-proven counterpart. We’ve tailored its geometry to accommodate a powerful drive unit, while at the same time preserved the level of agility and ride quality synonymous with the Trailfox.”

Speedfox AMP

Amplify your adventure

The Speedfox AMP has been created for trail riders who just can’t wait… to ride in the great outdoors, to get lost, to discover new trails or just go out and play.

Its powerful engine and versatile character blur the lines of what a modern trail bike is capable of. Close that 4-hour epic loop in just 3, go on that killer multi-day single-track adventure with your buddies, or simply level the fitness playing field and focus on the fun.

A state-of-the-art drive unit and seamless battery integration improve the Speedfox AMP’s functionality and give it a streamlined look, while its full-carbon frame and tailored APS suspension have been refined to deliver the ultimate performance for those who choose to boost their trail experience.

At home on every terrain, the Speedfox AMP is ready to turn that impossible dream ride into reality and amplify adventures beyond imagination.

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