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Positioned as the premium and most innovative bicycle brand, BMC is an industry powerhouse across road, triathlon, cyclocross, track, and mountain bike disciplines. Everyone from world champions to discerning cyclists will appreciate not only BMC’s best in-class design and performance but also the help and advice you’ll receive from our experienced Bike Advisors, available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and get you riding your perfect BMC bike, today.

Element Cycles stocks a wide selection of 2017, 2018, and NEW 2019 BMC bikes, including: the BMC Roadmachine 01, Roadmachine 02, and Roadmachine X; the BMC  Teammachines SLR01, SLR02 and SLR03; the BMC Timemachine Road 01, the BMC Timemachine 01 and the BMC Teammachine ALR.

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BMC Road Bikes

BMC Bikes – Road Models

Naturally we are bike nerds, especially when it comes to BMC Bikes. As one of 3 premier online dealers, we know our BMC bikes and are here to help you find the road model that best supports your riding style.

BMC Road Bikes are broken down into 5 series. Here’s how they break down.

The Altitude Series – some of the lightest BMC bikes. Built to carry and propel you to the highest of heights, with an efficient pedaling design you can expect a return on your hard work.

The Endurance Series – the series name says it all. These BMC bikes are built to take the bumps and are built with high-performance braking making it easy on you, the rider.

The Aero Series – record-breaking performance bikes. Hide you from your number one enemy, the wind. Perfect aerodynamics coupled with purposeful rider position gets you competing in any triathlon.

The Track Series – the perfect lightweight aerodynamic bike that gives you the efficient platform needed for that last sprint or taking home the big preme. The BMC Trackmachine promotes perfect rider performance.

The Cross Series – another lightweight high-performance machine. The BMC Crossmachine, built with high-performance braking and a stiffness giving you predictable steering no matter what’s underneath you.

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BMC Mountain Bikes

BMC Bikes – Mountain Models

We love the mountains, the Pacific Northwest is the perfect playground for any BMC Mountain Bike but then so are the Rocky Mountains. As one of 3 premier online dealers, we offer an amazing mountain bike selection paired with great Bike Advisors ready to answer any of your questions.

BMC Mountain Bikes are broken down into 4 series. Here’s how they break down.

The Crosscountry Series – a 29er. Perfect for any up, ready for any descent – these BMC bikes are built to generate power when climbing as well as carve through the tightest terrain.

The Trail Series – the bike built to gracefully carry you across rocks, stumps, roots, and other trail stoppers, this BMC bike takes the fear out of trail riding with it’s efficient suspension design.

The Allmountain Series – built to withstand any trail, these BMC bikes have the perfect suspension for tackling stumps, drops, roots, and rocks. They generate power on the ups and carve through tight terrain with speed.

The Sport Series – BMC’s all around bike for everyone including your kids. Built with efficient suspension and triple butted premium aluminum this bike is meant for the outdoors.

  • Sportelite SE20, Sportelite SE24, and Sportelite SE

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BMC Lifestyle, Urban & Commuter Bikes

BMC Bikes – Lifestyle, Urban, & Commuter Models

Of course we need a bike for every occasion, we’re nerdy like that. BMC’s lifestyle series includes the perfect model for the urban explorer and the hard core commuter. Our Bike Advisors can help get you into the model that fits you best.

BMC Commuter Bikes are broken down into two models. Here’s how it breaks down.

The Mountainroad Series – a versatile everyday bike, these BMC bikes can handle riding everyday with minimal maintenance. Whether you need fenders, racks, security, and/or lights this series offers it all.

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BMC Switzerland: Pro Model Guide

BMC Switzerland is a cycling powerhouse across road, triathlon, cyclocross, track and mountain bike disciplines. How well do you really know all their bikes, and what is right for you?

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