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For those that want to maintain or even increase their fitness in the dark, damp winter months here in the Pacific Northwest, we offer eLab! A customized training facility utilizing The Sufferfest interactive training videos and Wahoo Kickr trainers, for the most realistic indoor training experience!


First Class Introduction
Single Class/Drop-In  $30.00
5 Class Punch Card
10 Class Punch Card
20 Class Punch Card $300.00
Month Pass $175.00
3 Month Pass $450.00
Season Pass $650.00

class options

Classes are divided up into three categories:

  1. The Sufferfest Workouts (Speed, Threshold & VO2) These weekday classes are designed to focus on various aspects of cycling training to engage a specific function of the activity. Speed workouts highlight building fast-twitch muscles for explosive power and repetitive action. Threshold workouts are designed to maximize your body’s output and become better in-tune with your body’s capabilities while under maximal physical effort. VO2 workouts will help you train your body to recover faster and ore efficiently, thus allowing you to keep going!
  2. Long, Slow, Distance Endurance Workouts (LSD) Offered only on Saturdays, we offer the endurance class for those that want to keep the mileage up and not lose any of that mid-season form. Classes generally run 90 minutes, replicating an effort of double that for outdoor riding!
  3. Fitness Tests We rate your progress throughout a specific training period. Usually done on Wednesdays, we offer these tests to set benchmarks in performance during your season.



The Sufferfest featuring the Wahoo Kickr Trainers


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eLab classes run from November through April. Click the link below to sign up for one of our classes or contact the eLab Manager with questions!

Any questions can be directed to ricky@elementcycles.net