Bicycle Fitting

Bicycle Fitting Packages

Complete Fit


($100.00 W/ New bike purchase)

Time: 90-120 minutes

Focusing in greater detail on cleat positioning, and more attention to those that require changing equipment on the bike to achieve their optimal fit position. Saddles, stems, and handlebars are a few examples of common parts changed during a fit. 15% discount on fitting parts and includes installation labor. Follow-up visits included with this fit for 6 months as needed.


Comprehensive Fit


($200.00 W/ New bike purchase)

Time: 3+ hours

For the client that struggles on the bike, whether it be from: physical limitations or imbalances, severe ongoing comfort issues, or the effects of traumatic injuries; this fit offers the rider the chance to learn more about their particular body and how it interacts with the bike and how to get the most out of it. The rider will undergo an array of tests to determine flexibility, range of motion, and asymmetries in the body. An in-depth cleat analysis, saddle consultation, a written exam sheet detailing fit measurements & changes made, and analysis of equipment selections. 15% discount on fitting parts and includes installation labor. Follow-up visits are included with this fit for 12 months as needed.

Fitting Services

Fitting Consultation


(30 minute minimum)

Discussion regarding client specific fit needs that may extend beyond the typical scope of fitting packages or services offered. This option is beneficial to riders with specific issues that do not necessarily require complete fitting packages. Have a saddle sore? Suffering from numb hands? This option may be best for you.


Saddles Fitting


(1 hour minimum)

Come in with your bike and work with one of our fitters, testing different saddles from our demo fleet, until you find the one that works for you! The fee above includes first week demo fee.


Saddle Demo Program


Try before you buy! Today’s bicycle saddles come in a huge variety of shapes, materials, padding and cut outs that can be quite overwhelming to the untrained eye. We offer over 20 different options for you to try out on your bike on your rides. Pay $25.00 to try any daemo saddle fro one caslendar week from day of rental. Saddles may be swapped out during the week period. Customers may only demo one saddle at a time. Use saddle demo fees (up to 50% of new saddle MSRP) towards your saddle purchase.

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