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Utilizing over 20 years of bicycle fitting experience and over 1,000 bike fits on all sizes and shapes of riders, Element Cycles is solely focused on taking cyclists’ riding to the next level of comfort, efficiency and performance.

Rather than focusing on selling a method of bike fitting to customers, we analyze each rider individually, taking into account the rider’s history, flexibility, range of motion and a number of other factors to optimize the riding experience based on each cyclist’s specific needs and demands. While we offer package fittings for new riders and riders with new bikes, we also offer personalized consultation with one of our fitters to really dial in your ride!

Basic Fit
$200.00 ($100.00 w/ new bike purchase)
Complete Fit $300.00 ($200.00 w/ new bike purchase)
Saddle Fitting Session $100.00/hour (Demo Program: $25.00/week)
Fit Consultation $100/hour (minimum 30 minute session)

Bicycle Fitting Packages

Lots of options. You walk into any shop and see things like “basic”, “pro”, “advanced”, but what does that even mean? Well, here’s a breakdown of how our different fitting options work in a little more detail. Still not sure which one to choose? Want to make an appointment?

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Basic Fit – $200.00 per Session ($100.00 with new bicycle purchase over $1000.00)

A great starting point for any new rider or someone purchasing a new bike! Basic adjustments including saddle height and saddle fore/aft, adjustment of stem, handlebars, grips, levers, etc. Includes basic cleat adjustment and/or installation. This fit package does not include installation labor for any necessary equipment changes. One follow-up visit is included with this fit.

Allow 60-90 minutes for a Basic Fit.

Complete Fit – $300.00 per Session ($200.00 with new bicycle purchase)

Focusing in greater detail on cleat positioning, and more attention to those that require changing equipment on the bike to achieve their optimal fit position. Saddles, stems, handlebars are a few examples of common parts changed during a fit. 15% discount on fitting parts and includes installation labor. Follow-up visits included with this fit for 6 months as needed.

Allow 90-120 minutes for a Complete Fit session. An appointment is required for this option.

Please contact us to schedule a fit.

Saddle DEMO Program

The pain in the backside of most cyclists is commonly the saddle. With a thousand different saddle companies on the market, the waters can quickly muddy with the different variations of the perch we sit upon. At the end of the day, we realize that there is no perfect way to determine the proper saddle for each rider. We can measure width, length, vary the padding and assortment of cutouts, even determine pressure points and hot spots, but none of those factors can ultimately determine a rider’s comfort. It’s for this very reason that we have developed the Saddle DEMO Program. In conjunction with a handful of the industry’s best saddle manufacturers, we are proud to offer a Saddle DEMO Program where you can actually rent a variety of different options until finding the perfect match!

Saddle DEMO Program – $25.00 per week (Up to $100.00 of DEMO fees can apply to saddle purchase)

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