2015 Pinarello Marvel Ultegra

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Look the part, be the part. When you look down from your perch on the MOst Bobcat saddle on this Pinarello Marvel Ultegra bike, you’ll see what appears to be the Pinarello Paris 50.1. That’s because the Marvel springs from the same molds, and they were themselves based off the Dogma.

The trickle-down technology effect at Pinarello is pretty profound. The shapes pioneered at the top are eventually spread throughout the line. You see this most obviously with the asymmetric frame tubes and the Onda fork and stays. But it also is in the aero shaping of the head tube, the tapered 1 1/8″ to 1 1/2″ fork, the aero notch behind the fork to smooth airflow over the aero down tube.

The shapes aren’t as advanced as the top-of-the-line F8, but they’re what top-of-the-line was a few years ago. This is part of the cost savings. Much of the rest comes from the use of
30HM12K carbon-fiber plies. Not as stiff as the 50.1, so they use more. The result is a slightly heavier bike than you’ll find at the pro level, but one that still climbs, descends, sprints, aka rides like a classic road racing bike should, thanks to Pinarello adjusting the geometry to both the material and the rider.

The bike is built up with mostly Shimano Ultegra 6800 components. Eleven-speed shifters, derailleurs, chain, 11-25 cassette, and 52/36 double crank. Pinarello keeps the costs under control and the bike looking pro by relying on a suite of parts from their MOst house brand. These are the Jaguar XA semi-ergo bars, the Tiger aluminum stem, the C-Alu seat post, and Bobcat saddle.

The bike rolls on Campagnolo’s Fulcrum Racing 5 wheel set covered in Vittoria Zaffiro Pro tires.

Pinarello also built the Marvel with an eye toward the future. Think2 cable routing is internal for aerodynamics and cleanliness, and can also be changed to work with electronic shifting. You can mount a Di2 battery inside the post or an EPS battery inside the seat tube. The PressFit30 bottom bracket standard means you can put in any number of cranks without regard to the standard they employ.

In terms of sizing, the Marvel can fit almost anyone. The bike has ten available sizes, and there are another four you can find under the Easy-Fit designation, which is where you can find sizes that are better for the height-challenged.

The Pinarello Marvel Ultegra Bike is a sight: for its looks, for its performance, for its price.

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