2015 Pinarello Razha K 105

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When looking at the Razha K 105 Bike, you’re also viewing the ROKH, Pinarello’s endurance steed, and in viewing the ROKH, you should also see some of the KOBH, and the Dogma K. ROKH is for cobblestones, as is KOBH, and KOBH is the K in the Dogma K and Razha K.

Building bikes for racing cobblestones may seem like an incredibly tiny niche. But the designs that make going full-gas on the roughest roads has payoff for regular riders and smooth roads. That’s why this is also seen as an endurance or gran fondo bike. What Pinarello did for the stones was lengthen the wheelbase, slacken the geometry, raise the head tube, design stays for compliance. When you’re riding on a smooth road, you’ll find the bike stable. Whenever you hit rough stuff—potholes, patches, gravel, tar-and-chip surfaces—the bike won’t deliver the impacts to your spine, but damp them as they travel upward.

The Razha K comes out of the same molds Pinarello uses for the ROKH. So same shapes, same asymmetries, same geometries. The difference is the carbon-fiber cloth employed in the mix. 24HMUD is the name. It’s a little less stiff than the 30HM you’ll find in the ROKH, so Pinarello uses more of it to bring up the stiffness, at a small cost of weight, but a big reduction in price.

Thinking the same way for the rest of the build is why Pinarello has selected Shimano 105 eleven-speed componentry along with MOst parts for the build. 105 has gotten the Dura-Ace redesign this year, meaning the functionality and design cues you’ll find on Dura-Ace 9000 you can find in this group, just with a more economical materials and finish. This is great because DA works fabulously. They’ve set up the Shimano R565 crank with mid-compact 52/36 rings, an increasingly popular choice, with an 11-25 eleven-speed cassette.

Shimano’s workhorse WHR-501 wheels are the hoops of choice. The low spoke count means they’re fairly aero, but the rim shape and walls mean these things can be abused like a rental and they’ll still be rolling round and true for years. Vittoria Zaffiro Rigid tires are supplied for a durable ride.

MOst, also known as Pinarello’s house brand, is Pinarello’s way of both sprucing up the bike and saving you oodles. Sprucing because the MOst parts are finished in colors that complement the colors of the frame, and saving because the parts are less expensive than name brands but come in at competitive weights. MOst supplies the brakes, stem, semi-compact bars, seat post, and saddle.

The bike is also set up with Think2 internal cable routing

When you’re looking to get in on carbon-fiber, with a racing bike that tends toward stability and comfort, the Pinarello Razha K 105 Bike will deliver.

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