2016 Pinarello Rokh Ultegra

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The Pinarello ROKH Ultegra Bike (pronounced “rock”) is designed to smooth out the roads and slow down the ride while still being a fast, efficient racing bike. It’s for all roads, particularly the long ones. It’s a bike that will keep your back happy for those all-day rides you know you’ll do when the timing is right.

Its DNA is the KOBH, which also fathered the Dogma K. For both, the geometry and tube shaping are designed to make the bike comfortable on all road surfaces while still being stiff and responsive when it’s time to crush the pedals. And just like the K, the braking and shifting systems run internally via Pinarello’s Think2 routing-which can accommodate both electronic and mechanical shifting.

This bike comes outfitted with Shimano Ultegra 6800 componentry, which is the savvy rider’s choice group. The beauty of the mechanical is that the shifting performance is identical to the top-of-the-line Dura-Ace, but at a price point that is easy to handle. The only differences are the finish and weight. These mechanical shifters move the chain across a 52/36 crank set and an 11-28 eleven-speed cassette: the new standard for wide-ranging and tightly-spaced shifting.

Wheels are Fulcrum’s Racing 5 wheelset. This is a rough, tough set of hoops that can handle cyclocross. Here, they’re kitted out with big 25mm tires that possess lots of rubber and a compliant casing. These wheels can handle stones, gravel, dirt, even smooth roads.

The bike is finished with Pinarello house-brand componentry, MOst. These parts are designed with Pinarello bikes in mind, so they play well together. Little things like the seat post setback, stem angle, handlebar drop and reach are made to mate with Pinarello frames. They also look good, as they’re finished to matchAnd as the Think2 system makes this bike future proof for shifting, so, too, does the PressFit30 bottom bracket standard make the crank set future proof as well. Oversize 30mm bottom bracket spindles are growing in popularity, and the standard means you have the flexibility to go that way if you so desire.The Pinarello ROKH equipped with Shimano Ultegra 6800 gives you a solid performer that tilts toward comfort and stability while still providing a rock-solid platform for going all out.

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