The Pacific Northwest boasts some of the best mountain biking trails in the world!

 For your convenience, use the downloadable maps below for local trail systems and experience the best that Washington has to offer!

Tiger Mountain


Tiger Mountain is one of Seattle’s most popular mountain biking destinations. The East Tiger Summit, Preston Railroad, Iverson (Fat Hand), Silent Swamp, Fully Rigid, Joy Ride, Off-the-Grid, Bail-out, Northwest Timber and Predator Trails are all open to bicycles. Starting in 2014, trails will not be subject to the past Oct 15 to Apr 15 seasonal closures. However, all trails are still subject to closures depending on trail and weather conditions (check for updates on this page and on the DNR’s Tiger Mtn page here). There are many miles of logging roads that are open all year long.

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Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park

Evergreen is proud to showcase the Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park. This park is located on the Issaquah Plateau, just north of Grand Ridge Park.

The park is a nicely wooded 120 acre forest with rolling terrain and well draining soils. There is a 2.5 acre clearing in the middle, surrounding by second growth forest. On the south end, Duthie Hill connects with Grand Ridge Park, which already has a 6 mile singletrack trail that connects all the way to I-90 in the south.  On the north end, Duthie Hill can connect to Soaring Eagle Park via a 1 mile ride up Trossachs Boulevard.

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Grand Ridge Trail

Grand Ridge is both an oldie and a new trail: while new residential development wiped out some of the trails we rode in the past, a new trail system has been under development by King County Parks and the WTA. (Check out for work parties.) You access it the same way as ever: by climbing up from I-90. The trail can also be accessed from the top of the Issaquah Highlands development.

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Paradise Valley Conservation Area Trails

Paradise Valley Conservation Area (PVCA or just PV) is a Snohomish County Park property that has a variety of singletrack to ride from rooty to twisty to swoopy. There are no big climbs here, but a lot of up and down. You’ll get a suprisingly good workout riding here. There is about 11 miles of trail open to bikes.

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Soaring Eagle Regional Park

Soaring Eagle Park is 1 square mile of twisty, intersecting trails that all look alike. Fortunately for the directionally-challenged, there are maps posted at almost every intersection, so it’s hard to get lost for very long.

Because it’s relatively small in total area, Soaring Eagle Park is a great place to get a quick ride after work and it’s fabulous for night rides. The trails are twisty, rooty and bumpy, but not overly difficult. The combination of size and technical difficulty make it a great place for both new and experienced mountain bikers to work on their singletrack skills.

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